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Frequently Asked Questions

Founders of the Vidyarpana?

The school is run by vidyarpana trust and the trustee are Selvakumar – Managing Trustee and correspondent, Narmadha Nayaki – Secretary and principal.

Why residential school is vital for Erdkinder program?

As we know Erdkinder is also called farm school were farming, carpentry, pottery, poultry, dairy farming, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, culinary skills, housekeeping skills, constructions so on and so forth. Thus farming starts from 5 am where milking starts and other farming activities follow suit. Thus which demands quality time were residing in school premises is vital.

How are the teachers trained?

Our staffs are been facilitated by the Cambridge assessment international program instructors on-campus training.

Do you provide lunch?

Yes, we do with organic veggies and cereals.

Elucidate about Erdkinder program?

Erdkinder program is also called as farm schooling, where holistic development towards the mental and physical growth of the child is practised by the way of practising farming, carpentry, pottery, poultry, dairy farming, mechanical, artificial intelligence, culinary skills, housekeeping skills so on and so forth. Finance, production and marketing is been inducted through this farm school program.

Brief about the student's ratio and strength?

15:1 is the student's teacher ratio and total strength is would be 300 students.

Brief about the sports and extra-curricular activities in your school?

Sports and extra-curricular activities go hand in hand with the Cambridge assessment international program as mentioned earlier driven by the holistic approach.

Do you provide transport?

Yes, we do.

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